Spirit Medical’s innovative ChemoConnect® system enhances safety for pharmacy and clinical staff

14th September 2022

In addition to training staff in best practice, it is well recognised and understood globally, that technological solutions should be employed in the preparation and administration of Chemotherapy medications to minimise any risk of exposure to cytotoxic drugs to pharmacy staff, clinical staff and patients.

As well as being efficient, economical and versatile, it is important that a system chosen for delivery of IV Chemotherapy should have the compatibility to deliver infusions via any brand of volumetric pump, as well as gravity infusions.

When it comes to the preparation and/or administration of Chemotherapy, Spirit Medical’s innovative ChemoConnect® system enhances safety for pharmacy and clinical staff whilst it is also compatible with needle-free fluid containers as well as pump and gravity infusions.

ChemoConnect® is a needle-free, closed connection system of extension sets and accessories that protect patients and clinicians by helping prevent accidental spillages or exposure to cytotoxic medications. ChemoConnect® system portfolio delivers the following benefits:

  • In combination with IV fluid bags equipped with needle-free access ports, such as EasyFlex N®, the unique ChemoConnect® multi-line system enables the complete preparation and administration of cytotoxic medications within a closed system without the use of any needles.
  • The ChemoConnect® multi-line system sets can be connected to most IV pump sets or IV gravity administration sets, making this system compatible with pump and gravity infusions.
  • The ChemoConnect® portfolio includes a fully assembled gravity infusion system that incorporates Spirit Medical’s AirGuard® gravity set. This enhances the safety and effectiveness of the system as it helps to eliminate the risk of air embolism during gravity infusions and does not require any assembly or multiple packaging.
  • The ChemoConnect® portfolio offers two Chemo-Sure extension sets that are focused on enabling the preparation and/or administration of two-step chemotherapy protocols in a safe, effective and economical manner.
  • The ChemoConnect® portfolio includes products made from Polyurethane as well as filtered extension sets that may be used to safely deliver Paclitaxel or other drugs requiring filtration.

To find out more about how you can use the ChemoConnect® system products to enhance safety during the preparation and administration of Chemotherapy at your Trust, please contact us at info@spiritmedical.com or contact your local Spirit Medical sales representative.

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