Our Mission and Vision

Here at Spirit Medical, we have a strong company culture that’s the engine driving our transformational change and service offerings.

We believe in constantly challenging the status quo and encouraging our team to stretch our thinking in finding new ways to deliver on Spirit Medical’s core promises of market-leading innovation, quality without compromise, demonstrating integrity and positivity to attain the best outcomes for the customers, clinicians and patients we all support.

Spirit Medical as a team truly cares about what we do and the way we support all our customers and partners. By working closely with clinicians and experts in therapy treatment, we continually look to improve and expand Spirit Medicals’ offering and support.

Whilst our team is made up of experts, many with over 25 years of experience working with the largest medical companies in the world, we also look for ways to improve our people, our service and our products.

We all have the same things in common, we care and we want to use our knowledge to the full. By making treatment using Spirit Medical products better and safer, we help support clinicians to deliver the best possible treatment for their patients.

We have made a significant investment in Spirit Medical’s UK infrastructure too, creating a centre of innovation that not only powers our company but controls and manages the complex supply chain and manufacturing cycles our team is involved in.

Centrally located off the M1 at junction 27, our new logistics and distribution facilities incorporate new warehousing, office and meeting facilities, ensuring our partners and customers get what they need when they need it.

Spirit Medical is very proud to be one of the key NHS suppliers and providers. Continuing to deliver without compromise, high-quality products that support the NHS to overcome the challenges they face as a result of BREXIT and COVID.

We look forward to helping your team too.
CEO Spirit Medical