Technology reduces the risk of air embolism in operating theatres

31st July 2022

Spirit Medical AirGuard® smart gravity administration sets help to reduce the risk of air embolism with the innovative technology contained in our specially designed drip chamber that will STOP THE INFUSION AUTOMATICALLY and prevent any air from entering the infusion line once the infusion container/bag and the drip chamber become empty.

You can trust in the Spirit Medical AirGuard® technology as it has been tested to withstand a pressure of up to 300cm of infusion fluid.

Furthermore, Spirit Medical AirGuard® has been used across many NHS Trusts and Hospitals worldwide for a number of years with consistently positive feedback and clinician satisfaction. This proven performance provides peace of mind and security that the patients will be protected from any air entering the infusion line under all conditions.

To further enhance patient and healthcare worker safety by reducing the risk of needle-stick injuries, Spirit Medical AirGuard® IV administration sets are also available with SecureConnect® needle-free access valves.

With our Spirit Medical AirGuard® smart gravity IV administration sets, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your patients are safe from the risk of air embolism as the infusion lines are automatically protected against any entry of air.

Spirit Medical AirGuard® smart gravity administration sets can be safely used in most clinical applications and patient care areas including operating theatres as our Spirit Medical AirGuard® are also available with preassembled 3-way stopcocks and extension sets to allow anaesthesia procedure infusions.

Advance Patient Safety with Spirit Medical AirGuard® enhanced air elimination technology protects against the risk of air embolism – because every patient and every infusion should be safe and protected.

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