Rise in demand for products that deliver safe and effective administration of oncology medications

21st July 2022

This year’s Clinical Pharmacy Congress illustrated just how much interest is being shown by NHS Pharmacy and Clinical staff in safe and effective systems for the preparation and administration of Chemotherapies.

Several exhibitors at this year’s event, including Spirit Medical, showcased a variety of devices, systems and products that focus on the safe and effective preparation and/or administration of oncology medications.

Additional inquiries from attendees at the Congress highlighted an increased demand for devices that could also potentially improve the care of patients with long-term treatments and chronic conditions.

Spirit Medical’s own exhibition stand at CPC, which featured interactive displays of ChemoConnect® and Dosi-Fuser® products, generated many requests from clinical pharmacy and medical professionals for either more information or product demonstrations.

Both the ChemoConnect® and Dosi-Fuser® product ranges help deliver safe and effective preparation and/or administration of oncology medications as well as improve patient care and enhance clinical team members’ safety.

The Dosi-Fuser® portfolio, which consists of a single-use, continuous infusion (with single or adjustable infusion rate) ambulatory pump, operates without any external sources of power and is designed to infuse fluid medication safely, accurately and silently.

These pumps can be used to deliver safe and effective prolonged patient care either in a hospital or in the patient’s home setting.

Spirit Medical’s ChemoConnect® portfolio is a needle-free, closed connection system of extension sets and accessories enabling safe, efficient and economical preparation and administration of cytotoxic, chemotherapy fluid medications.

The ChemoConnect® system, which is fully compatible with most infusion pumps, may also be used to administer chemotherapy by gravity.

As well as offering high quality, innovative products and unparalleled customer support services, Spirt Medical has made significant investments in developing unique systems which help the NHS to receive an uninterrupted supply of key medical products.

With the ongoing global disruptions in production and shipping across all industries, many multi-national suppliers continue to experience supply chain issues. This has resulted in many NHS hospitals and trusts having to request evidence that a supply is consistent, robust, and meets regulatory guidelines before they will place an order.

Spirit Medical’s new and improved infrastructure ensures our business, products and services are fully compliant with the highest industry and regulatory standards. We are further evidenced by our NHS Key Performance Indicators, which prove our excellence in maintaining an uninterrupted supply of goods to the NHS.

In addition to our ISO:13485 and ISO:9001 accreditations, we hold an MHRA Wholesale Dealers Authorisation (WDA(h)), that demands our business is inspected annually.

All of this gives our customers and partners confidence that Spirit Medical’s teams are qualified, flexible, disciplined, highly trained and committed to delivering excellence as standard.

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