ChemoConnect® is a needle-free, closed connection system of extension sets and accessories enabling safe and effective preparation and administration of cytotoxic, chemotherapy fluid medications. 

In combination with IV fluid bags equipped with needle-free access port (e.g. EasyFlex N®), the unique ChemoConnect® multi-line system enables preparation and administration of cytotoxic medications within a closed system and without the use of any needles.  

The ChemoConnect® Multi-Line System sets may be connected to most IV Pump sets or IV Gravity administration sets, making this system compatible with Pump and Gravity infusions. The ChemoConnect® portfolio also includes a fully assembled Gravity infusion system that includes Spirit Medical AirGuard® Gravity set that further enhances safety and effectiveness of the system as it helps to eliminate the risk of air embolism during gravity infusions and does not require any assembly or multiple packaging.  

The ChemoConnect® portfolio also includes two Chemo-Sure extension sets that are focussed on enabling preparation and/or administration of two-step chemotherapy protocols in a safe, effective and economical manner. Chemo-Sure protects patients and clinicians by helping to prevent accidental spillages or exposure to cytotoxic medications. 

Each Chemo-Sure extension set system features a universal access port that makes each of these sets compatible with pump and gravity infusions.  

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