Increased evidence of the importance of IV fluid filters in IV therapies

19th April 2022

An Oxford Medical case report states that infusion route problems can have a significant impact on hemodynamics in children with severe heart failure.

The report highlights the case of a 13-year-old girl with dilated cardiomyopathy. Her condition fluctuated due to frequent occlusion of the central venous catheter (CVC) route. However, a quick check revealed no apparent abnormalities in the CVC, infusion route, in-line filter or infusion pump.

Scanning electron microscopy revealed that dobutamine and heparin had crystallised and that the in-line filter membrane was occluded.

This case emphasises the importance of proper infusion route management in paediatric patients with severe heart failure. Even drugs that are used daily may form microscopic crystals at several concentrations and administration rates.

Without an in-line filter, microscopic particles are injected into the body, and there is no evidence that the injected crystals do not cause permanent damage.

Dariusz Szawlowski, Marketing & Business Development Director at Spirit Medical Limited, commented: “There is mounting global evidence suggesting that the use of IV fluid filters in IV therapies is an important consideration depending on the type of drug, therapy, patient condition and vulnerability”.
Read the complete Oxford Medical case report

On this same subject, the Pall Corporation has published an interesting article that poses the question: ‘Imagine a world without IV in-line filters’ or any other technology substituting bedside filtration?

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