Are you protecting yourself and your family or simply covering up the problem?

6th July 2021

Cloth face masks are far too varied in composition, unreliably designed and unregulated in production to provide consistently high levels of protection for you and your family.

A recent article by Which? highlighted that some reusable face coverings filtered as little as 7% of pathogens in a series of tests performed by their team.

MPP will only ever advocate the use of medical-grade face masks (Type IIR) for the protection of yourself and your family against airborne pathogens.

Type IIR face masks must adhere to strict EN ISO 10993-1:2018 standards which govern the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of these medical-grade masks. Type IIR face masks must pass tests to prove that they filter greater than or equal to 98% of pathogens.

Spirit Medical Type IIR masks have been tested independently and have been shown to have a BFE in excess of 99% of pathogens coming into contact with our masks.

Our unique curved design ensures that users are getting the maximum fit and seal of the mask against their nose and jawline to minimise the risk of leakage to the sides of the mask.

Type IIR masks are also splash resistant to give you additional protection against external pathogen transfer from bodily fluids produced from coughs and sneezes.

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