We are building for the future

21st June 2021

Connor House is the realisation of several years of planning. The motivation behind Spirit Medical having its own logistics and distribution facility was to ensure we have the capability to hold far more stock in UK-based inventory.

The original strategy and investment plan were conceived around the challenges Spirit Medical anticipated would follow Brexit. In the wake of COVID-19, this strategy was accelerated and the level of investment increased. Primarily because it remains mission-critical to keep our supply excellence active with the capacity to supply the NHS what it needs, when it needs and where.

Justin Fellows, Managing Director, added: “To have all aspects of supply under our control, including product innovation, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution, means the scale of our new facility has a footprint in excess of 90,000 sq. ft. of storage plus high tech offices and an innovation centre”.

“We continue to operate in a world where supplies globally remain uncertain, so whilst the investment was significant stretching into millions of pounds, it was a vital step and one we were willing to take in order to secure our future.”

“Anyone who is not in control of all assets, will be exposed and vulnerable,” added Justin.

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