Steri-Tamp® - Spirit Medical


Steri-Tamp® is a unique portfolio of tamper-evident seals that help pharmacists and clinicians to prevent against viral and bacterial contamination of medications. In the time of current pandemic and at all other times, it is critically important to guard against contamination of medications. 

Steri-Tamp®provide and maintain a 100% sterile barrier. Our Steri-Tamp® seals have been subjected to robust testing under USA FDA-approved tests and have been demonstrated to maintain a 100% sterile barrier.   

The design of Steri-Tamp® seals makes it very clear if the sealed product (vial, IV bag port or syringe) has been opened or accessed or tampered with. Removing the Steri-Tamp® outer layer leaves a printed “OPENED” warning and removed outer layer cannot be reapplied. 

Our Steri-Tamp® seals are designed to be applied to various sizes of drug vials, IV bag ports and over pre-filled syringes.  

The colour coding of the Steri-Tamp® seals helps to protect healthcare workers from exposure to Chemotherapy medications with clear indication of “CHEMO” on a gold/yellow label and evidence of “OPENED” if the port has been accessed.