Triple Lumen Needle-Free Extension Set with Anti-Reflux valves, 10cm - SecureConnect®

SecureConnect® Triple Lumen Extension Set with Anti-Reflux valves, features three SecureConnect® needle-free valves with flat, easy to swab septums and ergonomic design to allow comfortable and precise grip on the connectors. This extension set is also provided with three Anti-Reflux valves (one on each lumen). The Anti-Reflux valves are included to prevent back-flow of fluids and/or medication. The extension set is 10cm long and also includes threslide clamps and one male luer connector. This needle-free extension set may be used in most clinical applications and patient care areas. 

SecureConnect® key elements

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SecureConnect® is a needle-free connection system enabling safe and effective IV access for infusions of IV fluids, drugs and blood sampling. The SecureConnect® portfolio, includes a comprehensive range of connectors, single lumen and multi-lumen extension sets as well as bag spikes and other specialised products, all with the flat, easy to swab needle-free access ports. Every SecureConnect® valve is universally compatible with all types of luer devices including luer slip, luer lock and prefilled glass syringes. SecureConnect® valves are “split-septum” type that is characterised by a lower rate of Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSI) than needle-free systems with mechanical valves. SecureConnect® connector valves are capable of very high flow rates and are compatible with high pressure contrast injections in CT scanning procedures. SecureConnect® extension sets and connectors can be safely used in most clinical applications and patient care areas. These products may be connected to peripheral IV catheters, PICC catheters, Hickman Lines and other central catheters to deliver pump, gravity or bolus infusions. 


Designed to help reduce the risk of Bloodstream Infections:  

  • Double valve design providing double seal against contamination  
  • Zero dead-space to help prevent harbouring of contaminates and biofilm formation  
  • Smooth, swabable needle-free septum  
  • Septum forming tight seal to protect against contamination  
  • Straight fluid pathway to make flushing more effective  
  • Transparent housing to encourage complete and effective flushing

Universal Syringe Compatibility  

  • Compatible with all types of luer devices including all glass syringes  
  • Connects securely with all standard luer-slip and luer-lock syringes and connectors providing a hermetic seal   

 Ergonomic design, easy to hold and easy to use   

Protecting against drug interactions  

  •  Multi-lumen extension sets are equipped with a multiple lumen hub with minimal volume and integrated with the Luer connector to prevent drug interactions. Drugs have no space to mix in the extension set  

 Minimum Priming Volume  

  • The SecureConnect® valves have a priming volume of only 0.09ml, enabling precise dosage  

 Enabling High Flow  

  • Straight-through design for unimpeded flow  
  • SecureConnect® Valves are capable of high pressure contrast injections 

 MRI Compatible 

 Available in a complete range of configurations  

Triple Lumen, SecureConnect® Needle-Free Extension set with Anti-Reflux valves, 10cm is equipped with the following: 

  • Three Needle-Free, SecureConnect® access connectors with an easy to swab septum 
  • Three Anti-Reflux valves (one on each lumen) 
  • Three colour-coded slide-clamps 
  • One rotating male luer-lock connector 
  • Vented cap on male luer-lock connector 
Unit of issue50 | 200
Tubing Length10cm
Number of lumen3
Number of clamps3
Type of clampSide clamps
Anti Reflux ValveNo
Maximum dwell time7 days
Maximum number of activations600
Split septum (lower rate of CRSBI vs mechanical valves)Yes
No mechanical valve (No complex moving parts in fluid pathway)Yes
Proven protection against microbial ingress7-day microbial challenge
Latex FreeYes
DEHP FreeYes
Lipid ResistantYes
Alcohol resistantYes
MRI compatibleYes
Glass Syringe CompatibleYes
Cytotoxic Drug CompatibleYes

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