Our commitment to providing world-class products and services

21st January 2022

At Spirit Medical we understand the challenges many organisations face in finding a trusted, reliable and secure partner for the supply of medical devices, infusion products and quality, genuine PPE.

Today’s global marketplace, which is open to both procurement experts and the public alike, has become populated with products and services which often fail to meet even the most basic regulatory guidelines.

There remains a significant risk of counterfeit substandard products, particularly in the PPE arena. Such products, if allowed into the medical supply chain, pose a significant risk to clinical safety and performance standards.

It is only after many years of experience and with a team and systems in place to complete the correct due diligence and product knowledge testing that Spirit Medical can fully validate, ensuring only genuine products are supplied to our customers.

The robustness and professionalism of our team combined with the quality of our checking systems, have led Spirit Medical to be instrumental in stopping several counterfeit cases that would have had a serious and detrimental impact upon NHS procurement, staff and patients.

This included not only the detection and reporting of counterfeit 3M mask products offered for tender and purchase into UK supply chains, but subsequent liaison with 3M’s own global counterfeit detection team, the MHRA and other UK authorities.

The knock-on effect of the existence of these substandard products has meant that over the last 18 months many multinational suppliers have experienced restrictive supply and regulatory issues.

This has resulted in organisations now requesting evidence that a supply is consistent, robust, and meets regulatory guidelines before they will place an order.

Spirit Medical’s new and improved infrastructure ensures we continue to provide our customers with the evidence that not only our business, but also our products and services, are fully compliant with the highest industry and regulatory standards.

We also work collaboratively with our own Spirit Medical joint venture sites and our long-term exclusive manufacturing partners – who are all ISO and industry-standard accredited – to ensure we continue to meet national and international regulatory compliance in the delivery of our world-class products and services.

To achieve both ISO:13485 and ISO:9001 accreditation, we have had to demonstrate that we are transparent and collaborate with industry experts and inspectors, ensuring that Government and ISO compliance combined with continuous improvement, drives our systems forward.

In addition to our ISO accreditations, Spirit Medical holds an MHRA Wholesale Dealers Authorisation (WDA(h)), which demands that our business is inspected annually, giving customers and partners further evidence and confidence that Spirit Medical’s teams are qualified, flexible, disciplined, highly trained and committed to delivering excellence as standard.

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