Cosinus (MacoFlex) PVC

Cosinus (formally known as MacoFlex) is a bag from our standard infusion range, which allows for the preparation and administration of intravenous therapies. It features an standard injection port and a universal infusion port. The Cosinus (MacoFlex) bag is compatible with the Macocap and Macoset accessories.

Available in Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Glucose 5%, Glucose 10%, and Lactate Compound (Hartmann’s) solutions.

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  • Stability information available on request.
  • Made from PVC.

The standard injection port:

  • Can be pierced by a needle to add or withdraw medicine from the bag
  • With a self sealing membrane
  • It can be used with the Macoset, transfer device, for greater convenience and speed
  • It can be used with the Macocap protective cap and indicator

The universal infusion port:

  • Is in the shape of a double wing, twist off cap, which allows sterility to be maintained inside the valve until accessed
  • Once broken the site allows for placement and guarantees compatibility with the infusion set

Available in the following solutions:

  • Sodium Chloride 0.9%
  • Sodium lactate compound (Hartmann’s)
  • Glucose 5%
  • Glucose 10%
Latex freeYes
DEHP freeNo
PVC freeNo
Unit of issue50ml = 70 in a box
Unit of issue100ml = 60 in a box
Unit of issue250ml = 30 in a box
Unit of issue500ml = 20 in a box
Unit of issue1000ml = 10 in a box

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