Macopharma Infusion Business Announcement UK

MACOPHARMA continue to focus on delivering product / service excellence in the UK Intravenous Fluids market.

In order to position Macopharma for the highly demanding UK Intravenous Fluids market, Macopharma are announcing a structural change to the UK Infusion business. Macopharma is proud to announce the appointment of SPIRIT MEDICAL Ltd as the “exclusive agents” of the Intravenous Fluids business.

The Macopharma Infusion team has transferred to SPIRIT MEDICAL Ltd employment, giving continuity of the people working with our customers for the last four to five years. To give clarity, SPIRIT MEDICAL Ltd is now Macopharma's Infusion Business agent for the UK. The only change is that customers will use a different telephone and fax number to contact the company. The Infusion business office has now moved from London to Derby. All contracts and agreements remain in the name of Macopharma UK Ltd ( To be clear, legal contracts, insurances, liabilities and product registrations remain in Macopharma's name, nothing is affected in this respect by these changes)

All orders, invoicing and remittances will still be done in Macopharma's name.

Please use the following information to place your order

(Date effective 21-03-2011)
Tel - 01332 206022
Ann Woodward -
Helen Rowley -
Fax - 01332 203574
GHX remains the same

We will continue to monitor all orders, during the change period of March. ( making sure no orders are missed )

Any questions, please contact

Please note ALL Transfusion Business activities remain based at the Macopharma Twickenham office.