Easyset is a ventilated or non-ventilated transfer system, fitted with a Smartsite needle free access valve, for transfer of a solution between a vial of medicinal product and a syringe, via a luer connection. Please consult and comply with the instructions for use supplied with the system before use.


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Easyset is designed for aseptic transfer of a medicinal product, in liquid or dissolved form, from a vial to a luer lock syringe. This system is particularly suitable for the reconstitution of sensitive substances, such as cytotoxic drugs.

Sterilisation Method

Radiation sterilisation.

Storage Conditions and Shelf-life

Shelf-life of 3 years in intact outer wrapper.


- Complies with EN20594-1 and EN1707 standards relative to conical fittings (luer lock).
- Complies with the ISO 11137 standard for radiation sterilisation.

Instructions for use


  • Disinfect the stopper of the vial with 70% alcohol and allow to dry.

Fitting of the vial access system

  • Remove the protective sleeve from the vial access spike.
  • Hold the body of the needle-free valve and clip onto the vial, pushing down on the centre of the vial stopper.

Preparation of the Smartsite Needle Free Valve

  • Disinfect the surface of the needle-free access valve with 70% isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry up.

Reconstitution and/or withdrawal of fluid

  • Connect the syringe to the needle free valve.
  • Inject the desired quantity of fluid into the vial if neccesary.
  • Turn the vial upside down and remove the desired quantity of solution.

Precautions for use

  • Always disinfect the needle-free valve before use.
  • Do not use a reconstitution system for more than one vial.
  • Do not use a needle.

System with 0.2 pm hrdrophobic air inlet

  • Replace the system every 72 hours or after 20 activations.
  • Do not hold the vent when inserting the access spike into the vial.
  • Do not inject while the valve is inverted.
  • To clear the filtration surface, aspirate using a syringe to create a vacuum.

System without air inlet

  • Replace the system every 72 hours or after 50 activations.
Product referencePack DetailQuantity of Easycaps per box
10012392Sterile ventilated80
2205ESterile non-ventilated100

Each system is individually wrapped.