Bag for phlebotomy with needle

Bag for phlebotomy wiith needle
Sterile device for phlebotomy equipped with a needle and safety protector and sampling system packed in single overwrap.


See brochure.


Graduated 600mL bag.

Theraputic indications

Recipient for blood collected through venous puncture in cases of:

  • Polycythaemia.
  • Sickle-cell anaemia.
  • Idiopathic hemochromatosis.

Sterilisation Method.

Steam sterilisation in overwrap.

Storage Conditions and Shelf-life.

  • Store out of direct sunlight and frost at a temperature between 0C and +35C.
  • 5 years shelf life in sealed packaging.


Sterile class IIb device (compliant with EC labelling dossier).

Instructions for use

Before use, check the expiry date; ensure that the overwrap and the device are intact. Reject any faulty contents. If necessary, bring to a temperature between +15C and +30C.

  • Only remove the device from its packaging just before use.
  • This device is a sterile, single use product; do not re-sterilise.
  • Peel back the overwrap after checking its integrity; use immediately after opening.
  • Place the bag on to a clean surface (the overwrap may be used for this purpose).
  • Close the clamp.
  • Proceed with the puncture in an aseptic manner in accordance with usual practices.
  • Open the clamp.
  • Place the bag at least 30cm below the venepuncture site and mallow the blood to flow by gravity into the collection bag.
  • It is possible to collect a blood sample using the Vacuvam Sampling device.
    • To do this:
    • Leave the blood to flow up to the Y junction in the tubing;
    • Break the circuit-opener located at the base of the derivation, by folding firmly in one direction then in the other.
    • Put the vacuum tubes into position.
    • Check the volume of blood collected by using the graduations on the bag.
    • At the end of the blood-letting, close the clamp and remove the needle.
    • Hold the base of the needle in one hand and slide the Vacuvam along the tubing until it stops, without forcing it.
    • Remove and dispose of the medical device in accordance with the regulations in place concerning high-risk contaminated waste.
    • Warning: Do not use for transfusion.


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    Each bag is individually wrapped.