Additional bag for Ascites Drainage

Additional bag for Ascites Drainage
Additional sterile bag for collection of ascites fluid, packed in a single overwrap.


See brochure.


Graduated bags, 200ml to 3500ml.

Theraputic indications

Bag for drainage of ascites.

Sterilisation Method.

Sterilisation by irradiation in the overwrap. NB: The bags can be slightly coloured without this being a visible sign of deterioration.

Storage Conditions and Shelf-life.

  • Store out of direct sunlight and frost at a temperature between 0°C and +35°C.
  • 5 years shelf life in sealed packaging.


Sterile class I device (compliant with EC labelling dossier).

Instructions for use

  • Before use, check the expiry date; ensure that the overwrap and the device are intact. Reject any faulty contents. If necessary, bring to a temperature between +15°C and +30°C.
  • Only remove the device from its packaging just before use.
  • This device is a single-use sterile product; do not re-sterilise.
  • The additional bag for ascites collection (ref VSL8000XQ) is a complement to the double bags for ascites collection (VDL8000XQ) when the volume of ascites to be collected is greater than 7 litres.
  • This bag can also be used as a complement to the single bag (VSL8003XQ) if the volume collected is greater than 3500mls.

In the case where the bag is used in addition to a double bag:

  • Close the second double bag clamp (Bag 2).
  • Disconnect the full second bag.
  • In both cases:

    • Connect the additional bag (ref VSL8000XQ) using the Luer Lock connector.
    • Open the clamp on the additional bag.
    • Place the bags on a clean surface, 30cm below the puncture point.
    • To check the quantity of ascites liquid collected, hold the bags vertically and read the graduated scale.
    • Once the drainage is completed, close the clamp on the additional bag.
    • Close the flow regulator.
    • Remove the “bags - needle” set and place a dressing on the puncture site.
    • Dispose of the collection system in accordance with the regulations in place concerning high-risk waste.


    Product referenceN° of devices per packageN° of devices per box

    Each bag is individually wrapped.