Welcome to Spirit Medical

Able to deliver with the power of a blue chip multinational, Spirit Medical has a heavy-weight punch but has retained the speed needed to deliver customer solutions quickly. After taking the time to truly understand our customers needs, Spirit Medical does everything needed to get things correct first time. Savings only truly exist if orders are fulfilled correctly first time.

Working in partnership with Macopharma

Macopharma continue to invest in securing a long term future for the UK Infusion business by signing a long term partnership agreement with Spirit Medical Ltd (December 2010). This partnership will deliver the customer focused, flexible, responsive, solutions that Macopharma have been offering to the UK over the last 14 years.

Spirit Medical is headed by Justin Fellows, ex Macopharma Sales Director - UK Infusion Business. All administration, marketing and sales support for the Infusion business will be delivered by Spirit Medical.

This partnership will be used to focus on the specific needs of the UK market, with the recognition from the Macopharma Chairman and board of directors that each local market needs flexibility to deliver the correct product solutions.